Colorado Record Sealing Attorneys

Benefits of Record Sealing


Upon the entry of an order to seal adult arrest and criminal records records, the petitioner and all criminal justice agencies may properly reply, upon any inquiry in the matter, that no such records exist with respect to such person. Therefore if an employer, an educational institution, state or local government agencies, officials or employees or even a private individual ask the Colorado Bureau of Investigation or the relevant law enforcement agencies about the records that the Court ordered sealed, they will respond that there are no such records. As the protected person, you do not have to disclose any information about your experience with the sealed case during an interview, application or in any other way and may legally respond to an inquiry into the matter that no such action occurred. A person’s application cannot be denied solely on the basis of person’s refusal to disclose information that has been sealed.  There are exceptions including attorneys applying to the Colorado State Bar and teachers applying for licensure. Also, the records can still available to district attorneys and law enforcement agencies. However, an order sealing adult arrest and criminal records is a powerful tool in leveling the playing field in the job and college application process. You do not have to feel like a second-class citizen anymore and can put the nightmare of being caught up in the criminal justice system behind you.