Colorado Record Sealing Attorneys



Today’s job market and college admissions are very competitive, and most employers and educational institutions are conducting background checks before making job offers or accepting new students. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and law enforcement will maintain records of a citizen’s encounter with the criminal justice system unless the individual proactively obtains a court order suppressing that information. Even if you were wrongfully arrested and the prosecution did not file charges against you, a record of this unfortunate experience is still available to the public.


The good news is that the Colorado Legislature has recently recognized that the economy and society in general benefits from allowing people who have either not been charged, been charged and had their case completely dismissed, or in some cases even been convicted of a marijuana or controlled substance charge, or if the individual had been the victim of human trafficking to petition the Court to seal the records associated with their brush with the law. The Colorado record sealing and expungement attorneys at Schwartz & Waible can help you determine if you are eligible to petition the Court, file the civil case to seal your records, respond to any objections made by law enforcement or the prosecution, and advocate on your behalf to the Court that the harm to your privacy or the dangers of unwarranted adverse consequences to you outweigh the public interest in retaining the records.  ClickToContact